3DCG, digital composition, live-action, 2D animation, planning, direction

Character design, storyboarding, illustration, etc.

No matter how big or small the job is, we can make a different kind of proposal.


The "pH" in pH studio comes from the pH value that measures alkali and acidity.

We wanted to create a design studio that would be able to bring out the best of our work and the "personalities" of each staff member.

Our members are video directors, character designers, animators, digital artists and

We are concept designers. We sometimes work with domestic and international production teams.



Since its establishment in September 1993, we have been working with domestic and international studios to produce commercials, large scale videos, event videos, and more.

He has been involved in a number of works, including an animated television series.




Company   :       pH Studio, Inc.


Established:      16 September 1993


Address:      NakanoSakaue Studio

       164-0011 1-35-1 chuo, Nakano-ku, Tokyo

       Tel. (03) 5332-8335 Fax.03-5332-8336


       Ogikubo Cafe Studio

       2-7-1 Kamiogi, Suginami-ku, Tokyo  167-0043

       Tel. (03) 6915-0026 Fax.03-6915-0826


                         Ogikubo White Studio

       1-19-10 Kamiogi, Suginami-ku, Tokyo  167-0043

       Tel. (03) 6915-1870



President:         Sachiko Kondo


Capital:            17 million yen


Staff:                14 people


Contents:         animation, CG, design, planning and direction, video production, etc.



                         '93 and '94 "Honda Intaractive Theater" motor show

                Multimedia Grand Prix (Japan) Business Award


       1998 "Gallop Racer 2"

            Art Electronica (Linz) CG Animation Award


       1999 "Marmenoids"

            Imagina 99 (Monte Carlo), 3rd place in the game title category



            Kurosawa's Dream" Tohokushinsha ACC Award


          "TOYOTA MEGAWEB" Odaiba

            Multimedia Grand Prix (Japan) Business Award




The movie is available exclusively on VIMEO. (Password is required.)



3F 1-35-1 Chuo Nakano-ku Tokyo JAPAN 164-0011


[OGIKUBO Cafe Studio]

2-7-1  Kamiogi Sugionami-ku Tokyo JAPAN   167-0043


[ OGIKUBO White Studio]

4F 1-19-10  Kamiogi Sugionami-ku Tokyo JAPAN   167-0043




2-7-1 Kamiogi Sugionami-ku Tokyo JAPAN   167-0043

pHstudio inc

Tel  : 03-6915-0026

Email :

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